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Debugging is Experimenting

在 Telegram 的 Rust 群里经常会有群友问出各式各样的问题,其中有很大一部分在我看来是可以通过更简单直接的方法解决的。前段时间简单的总结了一下这类问题和解决方法,今天展开来说说。


  • New tips and warn container style

  • Fix when <code> and <a> are nested, underline and hover is broken

Use to deploy your rust app is an Saas platform that let users to deploy their apps via docker image or buildpacks. It’s perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized apps for the generous free tier and easy-to-use cli. In this article, I will show how to deploy a rust app with


GPG pubkey and ssh pubkey are now available under feeds.

An Apple a day, keep the doctor away

陆陆续续已经用了新 Macbook Pro 两个月了,优点很多,缺点也有。在这台 Macbook Pro 2021 上,我彻底重写了我的博客,而这篇文章就是我重写博客后的第一篇。那么今天就来简单讲讲我到现在为止的使用体验。

2022-01-29T00:32:07Z.png Brand new design

Glog is fully rewritten in Next.js. Two previously separated sites Proj. and Index are now merged into one site under domain

What’s new

  • Ditched Hexo, now fully rewritten with Next.js, including rendering posts with markdown-it
  • Changelog
  • New UI with same color scheme and design pattern
  • Fine-tuned responsiveness brought by WindiCSS


  • CORS Proxy for connectivity testing in Projects panel

折腾记 - Dec 2021

折腾记 - 记录每个月都折腾了些啥。我们的口号是:「诶,就是玩!」。折腾记包括做了什么项目、发了哪些 Commit、看了什么书、又入手了什么新东西等等等等…………

Mac setup

10.20 下的单,12.1 才到,苹果你可真是让我好等啊。言归正传,Macbook Pro 2021 发布的当天我就下了单,这篇博客简单讲一下这两天我都做了些啥。

Pin 和 Unpin,以及为什么 Rust 需要它们

通常来讲,使用 async Rust 库是一件非常简单的事情。你只需要加一些 async 或者 .await 即可。然而写一个你自己的 async 库就是不是一件简单的事情了。我第一次尝试的时候,经常被一些像是 T: ?UnpinPin<&mut Self> 这样的晦涩难懂的语法搞晕。我从来没见过这样的东西,也不理解它们到底是干什么的。现在我逐渐理解一切,所以写了这篇文章来解释,要是我以前学习的时候也有这么一篇文章就好了。

First Post

This is my first actual post here. Those four before are either test posts or placeholders (which means part or all of the content are random generated) I created during developing and testing so it is not your problem if you cannot understand some of the content. I would like to share how I created this site and other chit-chats about it and the future.