Changelog of mine, not limited to Glog updates.



  • New tips and warn container style

  • Fix when <code> and <a> are nested, underline and hover is broken

Use to deploy your rust app is an Saas platform that let users to deploy their apps via docker image or buildpacks. It’s perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized apps for the generous free tier and easy-to-use cli. In this article, I will show how to deploy a rust app with


GPG pubkey and ssh pubkey are now available under feeds.

2022-01-29T00:32:07Z.png Brand new design

Glog is fully rewritten in Next.js. Two previously separated sites Proj. and Index are now merged into one site under domain

What’s new

  • Ditched Hexo, now fully rewritten with Next.js, including rendering posts with markdown-it
  • Changelog
  • New UI with same color scheme and design pattern
  • Fine-tuned responsiveness brought by WindiCSS


  • CORS Proxy for connectivity testing in Projects panel